To promote the 2017 Men’s World Handball Championship in France, the Organizing Committee of France Handball 2017 has set up a series of entertainment events, which, throughout 2016, attracted very large audiences. And it is not over yet, as during the competition, spectators will be immersed in a phenomenal atmosphere.


Group draw
This took place on the 23rd of June, 2016 in the rooms of the Hôtel de Ville in Paris, in the presence of Mr Hassan Moustafa, the President of the International Federation, Anne Hidalgo, the Mayor of Paris, and the French team. The group draw for the World Championship divided the 24 qualifying teams into four groups of six. The World Champion French team made the daring choice to be part of Group A, which is the most competitive.

The “Phenomenal Handball” tour

Visiting 16 cities between April and June 2016, and then the 8 host cities in September, the “Phenomenal Handball” tour welcomed tens of thousands of people to its travelling village; whether handball fans or simply people curious to know more about the World Championship 2017 in France. The entertainment provided to the public throughout France by the organisers and some competition partners, with the help of the mascots, Rok and Koolette, was very successful, notably the “Phenomenal shooting” and the “photo call”. The tour achieved its goal, opening up handball and the World Championship to new audiences.

The trophy “on tour”
The World Championship trophy took pride of place in “Phenomenal Handball” and travelled throughout the year: with a procession at sea in La Recouvrance during the Maritime Festival of Brest in July 2016, the “Phenomenal Ascent” of Mont Blanc in September with a string of representatives from the handball family, a phenomenal crossing of Mont-Saint-Michel in October in the midst of 400 walkers, not to mention the Occitania Trophy Week, an ascent of the Eiffel Tower and the kickoff of Ligue 1 football matches in Lille and Metz… The trophy, which will be held up on 29th January by the 2017 world champions, has already passed through many hands.

Launch Day -100
On 3rd October 2016, Claudia Tagbo, the “Phenomenal Ambassador” of the World Championship, climbed the three levels of the Eiffel Tower with mascots, Rok and Koolette, for a souvenir photo to celebrate the Launch Day -100 before the start of the World Championship.


Launch Day -30
The media and school children mobilized on Monday, 12th December to announce the arrival of the World Championship in France the following month. It was a national event, as the 8 host territories organised processions in each site.

Branded events
Proof indeed that the French are mobilizing for the 2017 World Championship, there were already more than 700 events listed in November 2016. They included events around handball and the competition, that were authorised to use the brand by the Organising Committee. At the same time, the “Everybody Ready!” label, set up with the Ministry of Town, Youth and Sports, enabled many young people from all social backgrounds to participate in the handball festival in France.


The Phenomenal Mosaic
The faces of thousands of FFHandball workers, who participated in the Phenomenal Mosaic, helped to create the official poster of the 2017 World Championship which is being displayed in each of the eight host cities during the event. This initiative also offered one of the participants a “Phenomenal Day” behind the scenes of the competition.


UNSS Flash mob
The UNSS (School Sports National Union) Flash mob was launched in September with the aim of engaging high school students to choreograph a dance linked to handball, using the music of FEDER, who wrote “Lordly”, the official World Championship song. The creators of the best choreography, chosen by a jury chaired by Claudia Tagbo, won places to watch World Championship games, where the video of their flash mob will be projected onto the big screen.