Chile’s preparation for the World Championship has begun


22 December 2016

The Chilean team’s head coach Mateo Garralda called 22 players in Santiago to start the preparation phase.

After reaching their first ever final at the 2016 Panamerican Championship (lost against Brazil), Chile is looking to the 2017 World Championship with optimism, and with the ambition to do better than the country’s best result so far at a World Championship (ranked 22th in 2011).

Head coach Mateo Garralda thus left nothing to chance, and set up a two-step preparation phase. The 22 players called in the initial list got together a few days ago in Santiago, which allowed the internationals who are playing in Europe to spend some time with their families.

Chilean team will fly to Europe on January 2nd

The Chilean players will prepare at home, with double training sessions on a daily basis, until January 2nd. The South American selection will then fly to Europe, and will first land in Poland. They will next go to Sweden, where they will play a friendly match against the Swedish team on January 9th. The following day, Chile and Sweden teams will share a training session. January 10th will also be the day of the announcement of the final list of 16 players for the World Championship.

Drawn in the Group C, Chile will play all their group stage games at Rouen’s Kindarena. Erwin Feuchtmann and his teammates will begin against Belarus (January 13th), and will then face Germany (January 15th), Hungary (January 16th), Croatia (January 18th) and Saudi Arabia (January 20th).

The list of 22

Goalkeepers : Felipe Barientos (BM Italiano), Felipe Garcia (Myk Hentbol), Ren Oliva (BM Ovalle)

Field players : Harald Feuchtmann (Waldbüttelbrunn), Sebastian Ceballos (BM Zamora), Elias Oyarzun (BM Ovalle), Diego Reyes (BM Alarcos), Victor Donoso (Montélimar), Erwin Feuchtmann (SG Westwien), Emil Feuchtmann (Wacker Thun), Cristian Moll (Sant Joan), Nicolas Jofre (Santiago Steels), Ignacio Porta (Wanderer’s), Eric Caniu (BM Luterano), Rodrigo Salinas (Chartres), Daniel Ayala (Universidad de Chile), Pablo Baeza (USAB), Marco Oneto (free agent), Esteban Salinas (BM Benidorm), Javier Frelijj (BM Inter), Jose Lopez (Union Machali), Benjamin Callejas (Sant Joan)