Current standings: who is still in and who is heading to Brest


17 January 2017

Group A
Qualified: France, Russia, Brazil
Heading to President Cup: Poland
Group overview

All the teams have played three matches. Mathematically, Japan can still take the last qualifying ticket for the eighth-finals.  They would need wins in their two last matches (Poland, Norway) with Norway losing twice (Brazil, Japan) to have a chance to progress.

Group B
Qualified: Spain, Slovenia
Group overview

Behind Spain and Slovenia, FYR Macedonia have four points, Iceland and Tunisia have 1. Angola (0) can still hope for a miracle in case of victory against Iceland and Tunisia.

Group C
Qualified: Croatia
Group overview

Germany, who face Saudi Arabia on at 17:45, (Tuesday) should join Croatia. Hungary, Belarus and Chile have two points. Saudi Arabia has none but is not heading to President Cup yet: if they defeat Chile by four or more goals and the South Americans and Belarusians don’t take points anymore, they will reach the eighth-finals.

Group D
Qualified: Denmark
Group overview

Qatar-Argentina this Tuesday (17:45) won’t solidify much for now, with only Denmark as the sole qualified nation from this group. Despite his three defeats, Bahrain are not yet officially eliminated. Should Qatar win against Argentina today at 17:45 (17.01) Bahrain will, indeed, be on their way to Brest.

Photo: Julien Crosnier/France Handball 2017