Guillaume Gille: “The emotions in sport are like fuel to me”

29 January 2017

Guillaume Gille, co-head coach (FRA):

On France winning the 2017 IHF Men’s World Championship…

“The emotions in sport are like fuel to me. That’s why I just want to enjoy what we’re experiencing here right now and it is really unique what a furor we caused here in France. The reception we received was amazing. Handball now really arrived in France and we can be very proud of the development our sport has made.

“I am an old man, I experienced a lot when you think ‘this can’t be true.’ What we have right now is insane and that’s why I can only give compliments to the team, to the players who worked so hard for this success. A lot of respect to the commitment and the passion that the players have shown. I am really proud of them.

“I don’t have any superlatives left to describe this. Everywhere we played we experienced an atmosphere that I’ve never experienced as a player in France before. That was like in a dream. We’ve been pushed so much. With a passion like that; we felt it everywhere, on the streets, the people around us, in the halls, everybody went crazy.

On the final…

“Norway were on fire when the game started and they are very effective from the very beginning. Their counter-attack and second wave are great and we had some big problems with that. At half-time we luckily turned the score but it was on the edge and everybody could see that this Norwegian team deseverd to be in this final. They played a great tournament and showed stable perfomances and huge compliments to the coaches of the Norwegian team. They really achieved a lot.”