Handball Culture : Martin Fourcade


3 December 2016

Each week we talk to a sports personality or other celebrity about their relationship with handball and to discuss the 2017 Handball World Championships. Today, Martin Fourcade, who just started his 2016-2017 Biathlon World Cup campaign with a victory in Ostersund.

Have you ever played handball ?

Yes, I played handball at school, in Font-Romeu. I played a few competitions, but certainly not at a good level… I didn’t play at a specific position, because at this age, you are not set yet, but I’m sure I would have been a very bad goalkeeper ! I’ve always been impressed by the keepers in handball, I think they have a true talent, and you must be very self-confident to face the ball so close.

Three words to describe handball ?

Athletic, fun and spectacular.

What do you think of the French national team ?

This team is getting us to see a genuine great story. We are pleased to follow it since the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona, and since then, this team has strung together several golden generations. As we see them win and win again, we sort of attached ourselves to these players who are such great athletes… We are keen to follow their club careers. It’s impressive how consistent they are.

Do you want to send them a message before the beginning of the 2017 World Championship ?

It must be huge to play a World Championship at home. I feel like saying to them : « Come on guys ! Be as good as usual, make us dream, let’s go ! »