Iceland: Palmarsson remains optimistic


7 January 2017

While Asgeir Örn Hallgrimsson and Arnor Atlason have been confirmed to represent Iceland in the 2017 World Championship, superstar Aron Palmarsson has a race against time to get back on his feet. With a hip injury, the Icelandic player is not taking part right now in the Bygma Cup in Denmark. Yet the Veszprem player has not say his last word, and hopes to be able to be to play on French ground. “I hand an injection three days ago and I am recovering pretty well. It was a bit of my last chance, and for the moment it’s positive so I’m rather optimistic” says the former Kiel player. The player will be travelling to France at the beginning of next week and only then will the team staff make a decision on whether he is fit to play or not and makes the final team entry.