“Phenomenal Handball”


12 March 2015

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France Handball 2017 will be PHENOMENAL! What better qualifier for our spectacular high-flying, powerful, incisive, and creative sport?

“Phenomenal Handball” is a promise by the Organising Committee to deliver the best competition to those who will travel to enjoy the show, as well as to the fans whose eyes will be on France in January 2017, to the players, to the officials, the guests, and the press.
“Phenomenal Handball” is the desire to combine, in the same event, the principles of popular entertainment, sports competition at the highest worldwide levels, as well as organisational excellence across all regions of the greatest nation in modern Handball. The World Championship will be a match for the high ambitions of the organizers: celebrate and promote a sport which has definitely acquired its acclaim.
“Phenomenal Handball” is an ambitious and universal promise designed to attract the greatest number of people possibly by offering, to both the French people and the world, an unforgettable and fully engrossing event.
With France Handball 2017, everything will be phenomenal everywhere, be it the sports field, which will bring together the strongest nations in the sport, the commitment of the athletes who want to leave their mark in history, the experience of the audiences in the most beautiful arenas in France, or the challenge of “Les Experts” who will target a 6th world title, supported and driven by a nation riveted by their incredible adventures…
In 2017, “Phenomenal Handball” will be an unparalleled experience of intensity, surprise, and sharing! Get ready, it’s coming!