Stars of the World Championship: Uwe Gensheimer


27 December 2016

Each week, we offer you a full portrait of one of the players that will be in the spotlights during the World Championships 2017, with the help from one of the four ambassadors of the competition. This week, Uwe Gensheimer as seen by Valérie Nicolas.

His career

If you pay attention, even a little bit, to handball, it’s impossible, yes impossible, for you not to have heard about Uwe Gensheimer. Actually, his trick shots put smiles upon the fans’ faces every week. So it’s no wonder why he’s been elected four times in a row (from 2011 to 2014) player of the year in Germany, while he was wearing the Rhein-Neckar Löwen jersey. It’s in this club that the penomenal left winger has spent most of his career, before leaving to conquer Europe with Paris Saint-Germain last summer. Exile hasn’t changer a thing to his efficiency since he is, for the time being, best scorer in the French league. And if Uwe Gensheimer had been weaned of titles with his national team, he might as well make up for lost time quite quickly. After missing on the European title due to injury last january, he won the olympic bronze medal last summer with the Mannschaft. Just before a world title in his new hometown of Paris in a few days ?

Valérie Nicolas about Uwe Gensheimer

He’s is a nightmare for every goalkeeper. A winger is always, somehow, an artist, but he is Picasso or Mozart in handball. It’s hard to talk about him without just giving a list of superlatives, but he’s able to put the ball where he wants to thanks to his phenomenal wrist. He can do every mandatory shoot, but he can also shoot from a long distance with his powerful arm. What makes him so strong is that he never adds anything superfluous. Some wingers usually try some tricks for the sake of showing off while Uwe remains calme, very focused and very sober in everything he does. If he tries a trick shot, it’s because at this very moment, it was the best solution. Very certainly, he’s the best left winger in the world at the moment.

Uwe Gensheimer and the 2017 World Championship

Playing the world championship in France will of course be special for me, since I’m now playing with Paris. I have found out that the French people were passionnate about handball and that there was a massive following for the national team. One can understand that, there are so many stars in this team and they’re always hungry for more titles. But I think that, even in the arenas where France win’t be playing, fans will come. In Rouen, a lot of German fans will come to support us in an arena where I have played this season. It’s moderd and very well-designed for the fans. After our super 2016 year, we want to carry on in the same way with the German team. Of course, everybody will be waiting for us, but we’ve got what’s required to win a medal.

The phenomenal play

We could have chosen ten videos and still leave some splendid Uwe Gensheimer’s goals aside. But this one, scored two years ago with his former club of Rhein-Neckar Löwen, is certainly one of the most phenomenal scored by the German winger. Against Barcelone, he swipes his opponent before shooting up right above the head of the goalkeeper, thanks to his unbelievable wrist. We will have warned you, this player is PHE-NO-ME-NAL !