Stars of the World Championship: Wael Jallouz


25 November 2016

Each week, we offer you a full portrait of one of the players that will be in the spotlights during the World Championships 2017, with the help from one of the four ambassadors of the competition. This week, Wael Jallouz as seen by Jérôme Fernandez.

His career

Wael Jallouz is the diamond of the 90/91 Tunisian generation, alongside Oussama Boughanmi or Amine Bannour, players that he plays with at the moment in te national team. On the left back position, there no discussion he’s the number one, and his power and his arm turn him into a fearsome offensive weapon. And, of course, such assets didn’t leave big European handball powerhouses uninterested for a long time. In 2013, then aged 22, Jallouz flies to Germany and joins THW Kiel. For a mixed experience, somewhere between awesome performances and a lot of time spent on the bench. A year later, he sails south and signs in Barcelona, another name in European handball. And then you find again the player that everyone thought had disappeared on the shores of the Baltic sea. In a league that gives him time to settle in and learn, he’s one of the revelations of the 2014/15 season. Even better, he also plays well in the Champions League against high-profiles opponents. Now armed with a much bigger experience, he could well lead Tunisia to a result in the World Championship in France, after an Olympic competition in which his team was eliminated in the first round.

Jérôme Fernandez about Wael Jallouz

“Wael is a player who has taken time to bloom and to find his marks. If his arrival in the German league has not been a total success, it’s also because Bundesliga is a special one, playing wise. And for a Tunisian, it’s never easy to adapt in the north of Germany either. He seems to have found in Barcelona a setting where he has found his mark and where he can express himself. Technically, he’s a very powerful backcourt player, very at ease when he can take the ball running and shoot. Once he’s running, he’s very hard to stop and his arm is very strong. He’s still got a lot of room for improvement though, he’s a very raw player on some aspects of the game and he’s only discovered very-high level handball lately. In Barcelona, he’s got more time to progress than when he might have had in Kiel, where the league is stronger.”

Wael Jallouz and the 2017 World Championship

“I’m really looking forward  to playing the World Championship in France. We haven’t had very good results in the last competitions we played, but I think we gained experience there and I hope we’ll be able to use in January. When you see the level of the French league and how interested people are in handball, everything will be there so we can witness a great competition. We’ll be in a tough group, with Spain, Slovenia and Iceland, but we’d like to play a role and honour our qualification. We have proved in the past that we had the capacities to beat big teams.”

The phenomenal action

You have understood it, the Tunisian Wael Jallouz has got a phenomenal arm, able to pierce through any defense. And on this video, we can even see that he’s got the ability to go though a full wall made of players, all of this without even jumping ! A massive bullet with a nice wrist trick to put the ball in the top corner of the goal, the goalkeeper can’t do anything to stop it. And even the commentator loses his voice there !