Stars of the World Championships : Thierry Omeyer

S. Pillaud/FFHandball

28 October 2016

Each week, we offer you a full portrait of one of the players that will be in the spotlights during the World Championships 2017, with the help from one of the four ambassadors of the competition. This week, Thierry Omeyer as seen by Valérie Nicolas.

His career

Hard to sum up a player with a record such as Thierry Omeyer’s. The « Best Goalkeeper Ever » award, attibuted by the IHF, shows the weight the French national team goalkeeper has in the history of the sport. After beginning in Sélestat, the Alsatian-born moves to Montpellier, where he will win his first Champions League, a competition he’ll win three more times with THW Kiel, the German team for which he’ll play for seven seasons. After a season back in Montpellier, « Titi » has now been playing for Paris Saint-Germain since 2014.

The medals shelf of the French goalkeeper, nearly aged 40, is rather well furnished : three olympic titles, as many European ones and four world titles, that’s for the French national team part, to which you can add an « IHF Handball player of the world » in 2008. His longevity, his capacity to play at a high level for such a long time and his constant defeat refusal are the characteristics of a man which should be one of the main assets for the French time at the 2017 World Championship.

Valerie Nicolas tabout Thierry Omeyer

” This man comes from another planet ! His longevity and his regularity are impressive, as well as his ability to play well in the important moments. Thierry is a hard-worker who has never rested on his laurels and who wants to win everything, all the time. This defeat refusal is what makes him so strong. And when you know that the goalkeeper position is one of the most important in handball, you understand why France has won so many titles . It’s hard to find any weak points in him. Will this World Championship be his last ? Only him knows, but for sure he’ll want to win it at home. “

Thierry Omeyer about 2017 Men’s World Championships

” Having had this pleasure in 2001, I know how exceptionnal it is to win a world title at home. Of course, our will will be even bigger, playing in front of sold-out arenas will a lot of fans to support us. This team has already won a lot of titles, but to be able to win one at home would be something very strong. The whole country will be behind us, we’ll play in beautiful arenas, in great atmospheres, everything we love. All the groups are quite even, the goal will be to do well in the groupe where we’ll face teams like Poland or Norway, which we can’t underestimate. Then, another competition will start. “

The phenomenal play

You’ve got the choice when it comes to choosing a stop typical of Thierry Omeyer, since he’s made so many in his career. But this one, from the Super Globe in september, shows that the French goalkeeper hasn’t lost any of his vista even though he’s approaching the age of 40. Three stops in thirty seconds against Kielce, last winner of the Champions League, Titi isn’t faking it. In one word, impressive !