Stars of the World Championships : Vid Kavticnik


14 October 2016

Each week, we offer you a full portrait of one of the players that will be in the spotlights during the World Championships 2017, with the help from one of the four ambassadors of the competition. This week, Vid Kavticnik as seen by Jérôme Fernandez.

His career

Aged 32, right-back Vid Kavticnik is one of the three last players from the Slovenia team which won silver at the Euro 2004 to still be in activity. He was only twenty back then but is now one of the key players in his national team. In order to become so, « Vidko » gained experience in some of the big European powerhouses. After Velenje, he arrived in THW Kiel in 2005 after being drafted by Noka Serdarusic. During four seasons, he’ll learn alongside the best players. Moreover, he built a frienship with a young diamond : Nikola Karabatic. Together, Niko and Vidko won the Champions League in 2007. Vid Kavticnik will even follow the French centre-back when he goes back to Montpellier in 2009. Their goal : to win the EHF Champions League and this will never be fulfilled. Nevertheless, the left-handed Slovenian is now in his eighth season wearing the Montpellier jersey while still representing his country in the international competitions. One of his biggest regrets might be not to ever have won a title with his national team, but the least you can is that Vidko never shied away from responsabilities. With 168 international games under his belt, he’s among the ten Slovenian players who’s played the most with the national team.

Jérôme Fernandez about Vid Kavticnik 

“Vid is an excellent player, capable of playing on three different positions. The fact that he played in Kiel and Montpellier, two of the top European teams, has allowed him to gain experience, to put his own performance in question and made himself better. He makes up for his relatively small size by being smarter than most players. I think that, if he had had the size and weight of someone like Laszlo Nagy, he would have been awarded with the Best Player award. I can’t say any bad thing about him, he is a top player and also an excellent team-mate, definitely someone you’d like to have in your squad if you’re a coach.”

Vid Kavticnik about Men’s World Championship 

“Playing this World Championships is really something special for me, since I’ve been living in France for eight years now. When you see how everything is daily set up here, nothing can go wrong. Even though France has been beaten twice in 2016, it’ll be the favourite. No matter what, the fans will be there, French people are handball lovers and they’ll come to see every team since a lot of foreign players now play in France. Slovenians, Danes, Norwegians, each team counts at least one player who plays in France. The atmosphere will be phenomenal. With Slovenia, we showed at the Olympics that we could play very well and I hope that we can play even better in january. I dream about this World Championship being ours, even though we know it will be tough !”