Never has a French team dominated a sport to this extent. The first all-round French team crowned world champions (1995) broke all the records with a winning streak that has continued with five World Championships, three European titles and two Olympic golds to date. The winning streak was started by Daniel Costantini and continued by Claude Onesta; the winning culture is in the DNA of the French handball players, embodied by a long line of exceptional talents: Jackson Richardson, Stéphane Stoecklin, Bertrand Gille, Daniel Narcisse, and the star Nikola Karabtic. “Barjots”, “Costauds” and now “Experts”, the French handball players have been the favourites in every competition since 1992 and their bronze at the Olympics. Disappointed at losing against Denmark in the 2016 finals at the Rio Olympic Games, the French have redirected all attention to the 2017 Handball World Championship where they hope to win again, in front of their home crowd, as they did in 2001. A victory for the team now managed by the duo Didier Dinart and Guillaume Gille would be truly phenomenal.



In six world finals, the France team has only lost once, at the first in 1993 against Russia (19-28). They lost one of their three Olympic finals (against Denmark last summer) and won their three Euro finals. An exceptional success rate, reaching the final in 10 out of 12 events!


France show fine form with clear opening win
Stars of the World Championship : Daniel Narcisse
Stars of the World Championship : Thierry Omeyer

COACHES: Didier Dinart and Guillaume Gille (France)

  • FRA-27-Adrien-DIPANDA
    Adrien Dipanda 03/05/1988 Right back
  • FRA-20-Cedric-SORHAINDO
    Cédric Sorhaindo 07/06/1984 Pivot
  • _FRA-08-Daniel-NARCISSE
    Daniel Narcisse 16/09/1979 Centre back
  • Dika_MEM
    Dika Mem 31/08/1997 Right Back
  • FRA-14-Kentin-MAHE
    Kentin Mahé 22/05/1991 Left wing
  • _FRA-19-Luc-ABALO.
    Luc Abalo 06/09/1984 Right wing
  • FRA-23-Ludovic-FABREGAS
    Ludovic Fabregas 01/07/1996 Pivot
  • FRA-21-Michael-GUIGOU
    Michaël Guigou 28/01/1982 Left wing
  • _FRA-05-Nedim-REMILI
    Nedim Remili 18/07/1995 Right back
  • FRA-13-Nikola-KARABATIC
    Nikola Karabatic 11/04/1984 Centre back
  • _FRA-06-GuyOlivier-NYOKAS
    Olivier Nyokas 28/06/1986 Left back
  • FRA-16-Thierry-OMEYER
    Thierry Omeyer 02/11/1976 Goalkeeper
  • _FRA-17-Timothey-NGUESSAN
    Timothey N’Guessan 18/09/1992 Left back
  • _FRA-28-Valentin-PORTE
    Valentin Porte 07/09/1990 Right back
  • FRA-12-Vincent-GERARD
    Vincent Gérard 16/12/1986 Goalkeeper
  • _FRA-18-William-ACCAMBRAY
    William Accambray 08/04/1988 Left back
  • FRA-31-Yanis-LENNE
    Yanis Lenne 29/06/1996 Right Wing