Brest - Brest Arena

“Brest is the beautiful story of a city well-implanted in this region, where there are the largest number of clubs and club members in France. In this installation, which fully reflects the greatness of Brittany, we are going to see some really hot matches.” (FFHB Technical Director Philippe Bana)

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Address : Boulevard de Plymouth 29200 Brest

Gates open: 
90 min before throw-off of (21 and 22 January) and first session (23 January)
1 hour before second session (23 January)



What if Brest was the perfect place to drop anchor? With its well-toned character, including its cable car system that was opened for service in November, 2016 and its unique style, the city is also a true outpost in the West. Oceanic, cosmopolitan, connected, and charismatic, Brest is also sporty. Water-based activities reign throughout the year in a bay that spans 180km2. Thanks to the various facilities of the city, its 45,000 sports federations members also enjoy skating, swimming, horseback riding, rock climbing… and handball, obviously.

Officially opened in 2014, Brest Arena is an ultra-modern facility ideally adapted for handball. The girls from Brest Bretagne Handball, who have made the arena their own, can testify to the fact that there is a formidable atmosphere in Brest Arena. They have continued their string of victories in 2015/2016, including moving up to the French First Division at the end of the season and winning the French Cup.