Metz - Arènes de Metz

“It’s always a pleasure to return to Metz, in a city and a region in which the handball culture is so strong. This time, we’ll be bringing the men’s handball event to them.” (FFHandball President Joël Delplanque)

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Gates open : 90 min before throw-off, 1 hour for FYR Macedonia-Tunisia (12 January), Tunisia-Spain and Angola-FYR Macedonia (14 January), Spain-Angola (16 January), Angola-Iceland (17 January), FYR Macedonia-Iceland and Spain-Slovenia (19 January).

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Address : 5 Avenue Louis le Débonnaire 57000 Metz


Station – Centre Pompidou Car Park
Fixed fee of 1€ for ticketholders, to be exchanged on arrival at the Arènes.

Relay Car Parks (P+R)

Getting to the relay car parks :
– P+R Woippy : From the A31, take the “Woippy-La Maxe” exit, then take the rue du Fort Gambetta. The entrance is opposite the Auchan shopping centre.
– P+R Foire Expo : From the rocade sud (RN 431), take the “La Grange-aux-Bois” exit, then take the rue de la Grange-aux Bois. The entrance is opposite the Foire Expo.

Getting to the Arènes from the P+R car parks :
– P+R Woippy – Mettis A, traveling to Borny – get off at Seille
– P+R Foire Expo – Mettis B, traveling to Université Saulcy – get off at Seille

Prices :
– Visi’pass: 1 day – 1 person: 4.00€
– Tribu: 1 day – up to 5 persons: 8.00€

Le Met network
– Mettis A – get off at Seille or Centre Pompidou Metz (either direction)
– Mettis B – get off at Seille or Centre Pompidou Metz (either direction)
– Bus L5 – get off at Centre Pompidou Metz (either direction)
– Bus L4 – get off at Seille (either direction)
– Citeis C12 – get off at Seille (either direction)
–  N83 shuttle, traveling to Centre Pompidou-Metz – get off at Centre Pompidou-Metz

Metz has over 80 million Europeans less than 200 km from its doors, with Germany, Belgium, and Luxembourg all within 80 km. The location of the city is an important asset when hosting games for a major tournament such as the World Championship at the Arènes de Metz. The atmosphere is worth seeing in this Mecca for national women’s handball, at the heart of one of the French regions that is most passionate about the discipline.
The Arènes, which opened in 2002, has seen many Dragonnes de Metz Handball, the legendary local women’s team, enjoy glorious campaigns. It also hosted twelve matches of the 2007 Women’s World Championship. With many members of the public being handball connaisseurs, the Arènes de Metz is an essential venue for the handball competition. This fact will be con rmed during the 2017 World Championship.