Montpellier - L'Arena

“Montpellier is a standard-bearer for French handball, through its results and the European in uence of its club, it’s therefore natural for the 2017 World Championship to hold matches there.” (FFHB President Joël Delplanque)

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Address : Route de la Foire, 34470 Pérols

Gates open : 90 min before throw-off



Montpellier holds a special place in the handball world: that of a good student, leading the rest of the class. The city owes this to a meeting of minds and motivation over time, which created the now legendary first French club to win the Champions League. It also allowed the construction of an arena which French handball and sports have been able to rely on for several years.
Since it was opened in 2010, the Montpellier Arena has grown accustomed to top level handball competitions and will therefore be suited to hosting the later stages of the 2017 World Championship, including two last 16 and one quarter- final. The residents of Montpellier are accustomed to top level handball, and they will have more of it in January 2017.


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