The France 2017 Handball World Championship’s official soundtrack revealed

Feder_Laetitia de Montalembert

26 August 2016

Lordly (FEDER, Warner Music) is the France 2017 Handball World Championship’s official soundtrack

A few weeks before the competition kicks-off, the France 2017 Championship Organising Committee is adding to its communication platform “Phenomenal Handball” and is proud to announce its collaboration with FEDER, one of the most famous DJs of the moment with 33 million views on YouTube. Known worldwide for his hit song Goodbye in 2015, FEDER is now presenting his new single, Lordly, before launching his new album in 2017.

FEDER’s track Lordly will be the Handball World Championship’s official soundtrack. This will be the song that defines the championship’s musical atmosphere, that will dominate all the playing courts during the competition and will also be used as the soundtrack to all the television broadcasts, jingles, ceremonies as well as the players official entrances. FEDER is personally involved with the Organising Committee, and will therefore attend a number of official events before the competition, starting with the Organising Committee’s first press conference of the year, on 15th September in Paris.

With this announcement, the Organising Committee also reveals part of the competition’s opening show, scheduled before the France–Brazil opening game on 11th January 2017. FEDER and his new hit song will be at the centre of the show.

For FEDER, this kind of partnership is brand new: “When the event planners presented me with this idea, I didn’t need to think twice about it. They wanted me to get involved in the whole project and not only to perform during the opening show. That’s what I liked the most. The event is international, it’s very important to me. I’m very excited by this collaboration”.

The Organising Committee is also very pleased by this new step  “True to our philosophy since the beginning of this adventure: the expansion of the usual handball audience to a brand new audience” as emphasised by Edouard Donnelly, it’s CEO. “We continue according to our plan and we are taking an important step forward with this announcement today. Now that the musical entertainment is revealed, things seem a little more concrete. FEDER is the perfect match for the extraordinary sport that is handball. He’s agreed to stand by us for the next four months and we will, all together, continue to surprise and think out of the box”.

Audio link : Click here

Picture : Laetitia de Montalembert