Tickets: the trading floor is open for business!!


22 November 2016

From last week, the Box Office for the 2017 World Championship includes a section which permits some ticketholders to re-sell their tickets if they wish, and for those looking for tickets to find some. Here are the instructions for use for the ticket exchange.

On Tuesday, November 16th, the Organizing Committee of France Handball, 2017 officially launched the ticket exchange for the World Championship. “Ticket exchange is a common term, but it’s rather misleading,” says Thomas Held, responsible for ticketing for the Organizing Committee. “It is not a question of exchanging a ticket for a match A with a ticket for a match B. In fact, it’s making it possible for those who have bought tickets well in advance and find they cannot attend after all, to put their tickets back on sale. And it also means that people who want to buy a ticket for a particular match through the official ticketing system will be able to buy a ticket directly from a person who wants to sell, knowing that everything is centralized on the ticketing site. “

Those who wish to sell a ticket must have purchased it on the World Championship ticketing website. In their personal space, they will now be able to put any of their tickets on sale, whether they are single or multiple tickets for the same match. “We have two fixed sales rules: a ticket can not be sold more cheaply than the Organizing Committee sells it for on the official system and a ticket can not be sold for more than ten times its original price,” explains Thomas Held. “ The purpose of this platform is not to encourage speculation, but to support people who have made the effort to buy their tickets in advance but unexpectedly, find they cannot use them, and to give them a legal and official way to resell their tickets. It is the only official way to do it.”  To help the seller to determine the correct price for a ticket, the average price of similar tickets already or sale is shown. As long as a ticket has not been sold, the seller can withdraw it from sale at any point. They can also adjust the sale price, according to a procedure explained in the notice sent by mail to the resellers.

People wanting to buy tickets will now have access to two tabs on the ticketing site for each of the 84 matches of the World Championship, one dedicated to tickets for sale and the other to tickets for resale. “Each time, they will have the opportunity to compare prices between the first market and the second,” continues Thomas Held. “Of course, for the matches for which there are tickets on the official system, it is better to use the first, as the tickets are cheaper. But for matches that are sold out in the first market, new places are potentially available on the ticket exchange. For packs of multiple tickets, purchasers will have to comply with the terms of sale decided by the re-seller, which means that they will not be able to divide the pack  to buy only certain tickets.

It should be noted that to finance the running costs of the ticket exchange, a commission of 10% applies to both the seller and the buyer. “If someone sells their ticket at 50 euros, they will get 45 euros, and if someone buys a ticket for 50 euros, they will pay 55 euros,” says Thomas Held. In accordance with e-commerce laws, and to simplify the process, money from purchases made through the ticket exchange will be paid to resellers within one week of the end of the World Championship.