Responsible Actions



Determined to leave a positive legacy, the 2017 World Championship Organising Committee is dedicated to making the competition sustainable, by minimising its impact on the environment, and responsible, by offering the best possible accessibility conditions to everyone.

Responsible procurement and waste reduction
• Production of a Responsible Procurement Guide
• Use of Eco cups in the World Championship site
• Donation of surplus food to Food Banks
• E-tickets
• Encouraging the Organising Committee’s premises to limit water consumption
• A waste sorting system has been put in place in the organisation area at each of the venues

One match per city will be audio described
The Equipe Group and the Fédération des Aveugles de France (French federation for the blind) will work alongside the audio description device being used for the first time in a Handball World Championship. There will be a commentator to describe the atmosphere in the sports arena, and a sports journalist from L’Équipe channel to describe the game, all of which will bring the matches to life for the visually impaired for 8 matches in the competition (1 match on each site). In total, three journalists will work on this: Raphael Sebaoun, Benoit Cosset and Candice Rolland.

The 8 audio described matches
13/01 at 5:45 PM – France vs Japan
16/01 at 8:45 PM – Denmark vs Sweden
17/01 at 5:45 PM – Germany vs Saudi Arabia
18/01 at 8:45 PM – FYR Macedonia vs Spain
21/01 at 6:00 PM – France vs. to be determined (eighth final)
22/01 at 4:00 PM (eighth final)
23/01 at 6:00 PM (President’s Cup)
24/01 at 8:45 PM (quarter-final)


The Organising Committee chose Disability as their Worthy Cause for the 2017 World Championship. A partnership was signed in January 2016 with the non-governmental organisation, Handicap International, to send a strong message and to show France Handball 2017’s principles of civic duty.


Raising awareness

Disability awareness campaigns have been taking place since the start of 2016 in connection with Handicap International, who were present at several roadshow events. The Organising Committee for the Handball World Championship and its mascots took part in a charity race for Handicap International on 15th May 2016. The FFHandball was present in Paris on 24th September 2016, at the Pyramid of shoes arranged by Handicap International to promote wheelchair handball and its project, “Handensemble”. The Handball World Championship gives also place of honour to wheelchair and handicapped handball, with national matches organised by the FFHandball at the opening of the 8th final in AccorHotels Arena on 22nd January, 2017.

Financial support

The profits from the sale of some products bran-
ded with images of Rok and Koolette will be donated to Handicap International. Tickets to win a “phenomenal” day behind the scenes of the World Championship were on sale at abracaMUNDI website. All proceeds from this transaction are donated to Handicap International. People buying tickets for the World Championship have the option of making a donation to Handicap International at the time of purchase.

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The brief