The ambassadors

Mondial Handball 2017 official draw, live on Bein Sports TV at the Hotel de Ville de Paris (City Hall) on june 23, 2016 - Photo Stephane Allaman / DPPI - people at the draw :

Claudia Tagbo is the phenomenal ambassador for the World Championship 2017!

A charming and shocking ambassador! The actress Claudia Tagbo will be very busy in January 2017: as well as presenting her new show, “Lucky”, in Paris (at the Gaite, January 6th until 6th May 2017), she will also be flying the flag of the 2017 Men’s Handball World Championship in France. This accomplished sportswoman – “Fitness, running, I do a lot of sport, I am very toned and muscular, nothing wobbles! ” agreed with pleasure and pride to be the ambassador of the World Championship, especially as handball is a discipline that inspires strong passions. “This is a hugely spectacular sport, handball players very beautiful to watch, they are sexy and fun! ” enthuses the actress, who has forged close relationships with many players in the French team, including the Karabatic brothers, Luc Abalo, Jerome Fernandez, Valentin Porte, all of whom came to see her play in her previous one woman show,” Crazy. ” Her message as an ambassador? “The World Championships in France will be a phenomenal time for all to share, I want to tell the French people: come and support our wonderful French team , and, as we are generous people, open the door to other nations, shout, get out your flags, let’s make it a big party! “


LORDLY (FEDER) : The championship’s official song


FEDER, one of the most famous DJS of the moment with 33 million views on Youtube and known worldwine for his hit song goodbye in 2015, presents his new single, LORDLY, before lauching his new album in 2017, FEDER’s track LORDLY will be the handball word championship’s official soudtrack.

This will be the song that defines the championship’s musical atmosphere, that will dominate all the playing arenas during the competition and will also be used as the soundtrack to all the television broadcasts, jingles, ceremonies as well as the players official entrances. FEDER is personally involved with the Organising Committee and will therefore play a key role during the opening show before the France v Brasil game on 11th of January 2017. For FEDER, this kind of partnership is brand new: “When the event planners presented me with this idea, I didn’t need to think twice about it. They wanted me to get involved in the whole project and not only to perform during the opening show. That’s what I liked the most. The event is international, it’s very important to me. I’m very excited by this collaboration and look forward to seeing what it will be like in the arenas and what it is going to look like with the music. It is the first time I have had the chance to see my world, the music world, combined with the sports world, the handball world in particular. I am delighted.” The Organising Committee is also very pleased by this new step: “True to our philosophy since the beginning of this adventure: the expansion of the usual handball audience to a brand new audience” as emphasised by Edouard Donnelly, it’s CEO. “We continue according to our plan and we are taking an important step forward with this announcement today. Now that the musical entertainment is revealed, things seem a little more concrete. FEDER is the perfect match for the extraordinary sport that is handball. He’s agreed to stand by us for the next four months and we will, all together, continue to surprise and think out of the box”.


Valérie Nicolas, Jéromé Fernandez, Philippe Gardent and Bruno Martini are the 2017 Men’s Handball World Championship ambassadors. What do they have in common? They have all been crowned world champions in their careers.

VALÉRIE NICOLAS (245 MATCHES ON THE FRENCH TEAM BETWEEN 1995 AND 2008) “It is an excellent idea to have combined women and men to represent this men’s world championship. Like many of my fellow countrymen, I am eagerly looking forward to this world Championship and I am convinced that once again, the French public will show up in large numbers.

JÉRÔME FERNANDEZ (390 MATCHES ON THE FRENCH TEAM BETWEEN 1997 AND 2015) « I am extremely proud to have been chosen to take part in the amazing event that this 2107 World Championship will no doubt be. I was fortunate to be present at the 2001 World Championship. I am convinced that this edition will be even more exciting, because a lot more people in France are interested in handball and follow the French Team. »

PHILIPPE GARDENT (298 MATCHES ON THE FRENCH TEAM BETWEEN 1983 AND 1995) « My ambition is to convey to as many people as possible that handball is a sport that, besides being spectacular, has perfectly managed to evolve in professionalism while keeping its spirit and the traditional virtues of the sport.”


BRUNO MARTINI (202 MATCHES ON THE FRENCH TEAM BETWEEN 1990 AND 2007) « I am delighted to represent the 2017 World Championship. I experienced the wonderful adventure of the World Championship in France in 2001, and now I will be able to serve as a nexus point, knowing that 2017 will be a on different dimension altogether: the approach is much more professional in terms of organisation and I imagine the impact in the media will also be much stronger. ”

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