Launched in October 2015, the counter recruitment has met with success beyond expectations of the Organizing Committee since 3,000 candidates, including 120 from outside France, had signed up. 45% of the applicants were women and over 60% did not have a background in handball. The 1,915 volunteers who have been selected and trained for their different assignments (70 missions for the 17 operational functions) constitute a real work force, determined to make the event a “Phenomenal” World Championship.

Words from the Volunteers:

Bernard (logistics): “I discovered volunteering twenty years ago and I got involved, to the point that it became a culture at home. What does a successful World Championship look like? The satisfaction of job well done, the thanks of the 24 teams and the smiles of the public.”

Fatiha (welcoming delegation): “You need to take part in volunteering to understand what it can bring. When I learned that the Handball World Championship would be held in France, I jumped at the opportunity to offer my services.”

Céline (volunteer programme): “There really is a very strong cohesion between the team of volunteers. No matter the position or the grade, we are all in the same boat, with the same objective to make the event successful, whatever happens.”

Vanessa (communications): “The World Championship is a global event, the most important event after the Olympics. It’s happening in our area, it is the January event. Our goal as French people is to make sure that we are world champions on the court and world champions of organising.”

For any question do not hesitate to contact benevoles@francehandball2017.org

We are counting on you to make this World Championship a phenomenal event!